Friday, January 11

He knows the best


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May Allah protect us from sins and evil temptations. May Allah saves us from devil. May Allah gives us good knowledge that will lead us to success in this life and life after. May Allah guide us to right path of life that will lead us to Jannah Al Firdaus. Allah. Please forgive our sins. You know what is best and what will happen to everyone. Let us be in the Divine holy presence of you in Jannah. Allah. Sends our salaams to Prophet Muhammad. Please forgive our enemies which they hurt us by their words and actions. Please give those people who are suffering in those lands where the enemies are in muslim lands. Allah Have mercy on us all.

May Allah grants us all a safe path to walk on life's many dangerous roads. May Allah protect us all from the devil and his evil tactics May Allah guide us all to the right path of life that will leads us to success and Jannah. May Allah give us many good things in life so we can live in peace in this life and find true bliss in the life after this life.

Bless every parent with great health and many many many good things in their lifetime. Please give us patient so our parents will be happy with us. May Allah forgive us all for all the sins and bad choices we make in this life. May Allah guide us all to the right path. May Allah protect us all form the devil. Clear all of our hearts and our mind and our souls of evil and bad thoughts. May Allah grant us all Heaven.

Allah knows what is best for us. So why should we complain? We always want the sunshine. But He knows there must be rain right? We always want merriment of cheer. But our heart will lose their tenderness, if we shed a tear. Allah tests us often. With suffering and sorrow. He tests us not to punish us. But help us meet tomoorow. For every pain He gives us, provided we are patient. Is followed by rich ain. So whenever we feel that everything is going wrong.. It is just Allah's way to make our spirit strong. InshaAllah.